Zay Area
Music Enhancement Program

Zay Area Music Enhancement Program will provide in-kind donations of musical equipment and resources to assist schools, churches and community organizations whose music programs need instruments to build their programs capacity to involve more participants. Donations will also be granted to organizations creating new music programs for youth engagement.

Materials & Information That You Need To Apply

  1. Specific information on the school music program(s):
    • # of students in the school and music program
    • Plan for the program going forward
    • Information on teacher(s)
  2. Inventory of current musical instruments
  3. Musical instrument wish list
  4. Additional information on your program’s story, compelling needs and the overall potential impact of instruments. Please include the following:
    • Why you need this supply of instruments including any information on need level of school and school community
    • What makes your program unique? Please tell us of any individual stories that make this program stand out
    • How this supply of instruments would affect your current and future programs
    • Qualifications of music teacher(s) and the level of his/her dedication to the program