Zay Area
Partnership Program

During each year, Zay Area will request to collaborate with other non-profit organizations to host food and clothing drives and events serving the less fortunate in communities across the country. This effort is made to assist new and existing non-profit organizations in their giving efforts to help make a greater impact in their respective communities. Zay Area will collaborate and assist with marketing efforts expanding the outreach for donations and assisting the non-profit with additional outreach to increase fundraising goals. Zay Area team members will attend the ZAPP fundraising event, assisting with preparation and distribution of donated items.

Eligibility to apply for ZAPP

  1. Organization must be in good standing with their local State Department (Certificate of Good Standing may be requested)
  2. Organization must provide narrative description of current program activities that provide food, clothing, and/or hunger relief to the less fortunate in their communities.
    • Must include history or service provided and number of participants served or assisted.
  3. Organization must provide upcoming event details and potential community impact
    • Date and time of event, location, expected number of attendees, etc.
  4. Organization must provide a current budget for the fiscal year.
  5. Organization may be asked provide two prior years form 990
    (tax return).