Zay Area Foundation is a family-run, non-profit organization based outside of Atlanta, GA. It was founded to continue the philanthropy of the Dotson family and legacy of their eldest son, Super-producer, Xavier “Zaytoven” Dotson.
For over 30 years, the Dotson family dedicated their time serving the less fortunate and volunteering in many places they’ve lived including Germany, North Carolina, Mississippi, California and Georgia.   In between working for the U.S. Army, Mr. Joe Dotson was an Elder and Assistant Pastor, while his wife was a choir director.

During their scheduled stations, the Dotson family helped build and served in many churches in the same communities they’ve lived. The family has been mentors and sponsored families in their communities, assisting with transportation, food, clothing or providing a warm place to stay for the youth and less fortunate. They’ve also hosted an exchange student from Japan.

The Dotson family continues their legacy through the Zay Area Foundation to continue their work in serving the less fortunate as well as focusing on the importance of musical programs and education, providing opportunities for young adults to follow the path set by their eldest son, who the world knows as “Zaytoven”.

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